Having a PO box number in Dubai offers a lot of benefits. You get the convenience of receiving professional and private mails. There are no properties in UAE that already have a PO Box number. You have to rent a PO Box number for your personal or business needs. Are you planning to get a Dubai PO Box number but are not aware of the process of getting it? Here is a quick guide to provide you with the information about all the steps and costs related to getting a PO Box Dubai number:

Dubai PO Box number & ZIP Code — An Overview

You might expect to have a ZIP code system in UAE, but that is not the case. There is no ZIP code system in UAE. Every individual or business can receive international or local mails by having a dedicated Dubai PO Box number. It does not matter whether you are applying for a PO box number for personal needs or for business mail; Emirates Post can assign you the PO Box UAE number for both purposes. Emirates Post is the official postal operator in the UAE. All the postal services are managed and supervised by Emirates Post. All the international and door-to-door courier services in the UAE are provided by Emirates Post.

Cost of Getting a Dubai PO Box Number

If you are planning to rent a Dubai post Box number, then you will have two options. You can choose between MyBox and MyHome.

MyBox charges AED 300 per year and the emails are not delivered to your doorstep. You will have to go to your nearest Emirates Post office to collect your mail. Whereas MyHome is a more convenient option that charges around AED 995 per year. MyHome offers the feature of receiving mail at your doorstep without the need for visiting any postal office.

You can be charged more than the defined rental charges if you opt for mailing service add-ons.

How To Get PO Box Address in Dubai

Process to Rent a Dubai Post Box Number

There are around 88 Emirates post branch offices all across the UAE that individuals can visit to apply for a rental PO Box Dubai. You can find your nearest Emirates post branch office by searching your area on emiratespost.ae.

All you have to do is to visit your nearest Emirates post branch and fill out all the required forms to apply. You can make the payments there and complete your registration process without following any further steps.

You can also apply online by following these simple steps:

Visit Emirates Post’s Official Website

You must visit emiratespost.ae. to start your online rental registration process. Scroll down the website and click on the “Rent a PO Box” option. You will be prompted to choose between personal and business PO Box Dubai.

As stated earlier, you will have two options for renting a Dubai PO Box number. You can choose either MyBox or MyHome for the PO Box Dubai number.

Register for Your Emirates Post Account

There will be an “Apply” option on the website. You can click this option to create your Emirates Post Account. Once you create your account, you will be provided with a virtual PO Box ID which will be used to log into your Emirates Post Account. You will then be prompted to complete all the verification steps.

Enter Details for the “Rent a PO Box” Option

Click on “Rent a PO Box” option to check all the available Dubai PO Box numbers. You will have to choose your nearest Emirates Post Branch to view the list of all the available PO Box Dubai numbers. Users are prompted to set an expiration date for their chosen PO Box number to determine the duration of their acquired postal service.
Once all the details are provided, you will be provided with all the details related to your assigned PO Box number.

Choose Your PO Box Agent

You can also keep a PO Box agent who can handle all of your PO Box details. To make this happen, you will have to add all the details of your PO Box Agent.
You won’t be charged for having a PO Box agent for the first year. But a fixed amount of AED 50 is charged on a yearly basis after one year.

Receive Your PO Box Key

You can either pick up your PO Box key from your nearest Emirates Post branch or pay AED 30 to have the key delivered to your location. You will be able to use the Dubai post Box number once this process is complete and you will have the keys.

Can Visitors or Tourists Rent a PO Box UAE Number?

No, there is a compulsion or providing your Emirates ID for your private PO Box Dubai number. Only UAE residents have a dedicated Emirates ID. If you are a visitor and planning to get a private Dubai post Box number, then you cannot go through the application process.

You can acquire more information about getting a PO Box number in Dubai by visiting abudhabiofw.com.